Morning Mood | Korean r&b playlist ⛅️☕️ For productivity

2020/09/01 に公開
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So! I've finished all my season mood playlist series! And I was thinking what sorts of playlists do I do now and I thought of making a Morning, sunset, and night moods playlist series!
For this Morning Mood Playlist, I have collected songs that will help you wake up and help you be productive for the day! I've tried out this playlist for several months before to make it perfect! And I hope you guys will enjoy this playlist as much as I do.
Also! I hope you appreciate the editing as well! I try different layouts for all my playlists.

Summer Party | Korean rnb & hiphop playlist:

Here are the links to all my season mood playlists:

I decided to include a submitted song this time. A very talented and kind artist Joe Cho send me a song submission through my email and I checked it out and thought his song "Wake u up" was good and had the perfect mood for this playlist so I included it.
Go and give him some love! ⛅️
If you are also an artist and you want me to include your song, you are welcome to send them to me at my email, and I'll check them out.

Joe Cho - Wake U Up
@3:04 IU - Dlwlrma
@5:56 Crush - Cereal
@9:35 Zion.T - Eat
@12:02 Crush - Nappa
@15:16 Hyukoh - Wiing Wiing
@18:25 Ohhyuk, Primary - Bawling
@22:24 IU ft GD - Palette
@26:01 Colde ft Dean - Gold
@29:51 Jay Park - All The Way Up
@33:27 Gray - Moonblue
@36:39 Jay Park - Dank
@39:58 pH-1 - Homebody (That song literally describes me)

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