9 days in fukuoka (and a side trip to yufuin's ghibli village!)

2024/01/02 に公開
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sorry we mispronounced 'fukuoka' all this time :(
first video of 2024! if you're looking for things to do in fukuoka, here's a food-filled, cafe-guzzling, vintage shopping vlog of all the places we went!

for fukuoka christmas market map: https://christmas-advent.jp/

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0:00 day 1 hakata ramen tour, christmas advent
4:50 day 2 daizafu and charcoal yakiniku
15:00 day 3 kishida shrine, ohori park, motsunabe
22:27 day 4 yufuin no mori train and onsen ryokan
29:20 day 5 yufuin floral village, snoopy village, comico art museum, tenjin xmas market
42:42 day 6 fukuoka cafe hopping, vintage shopping in daimyo, speakeasy
48:30 day 7 homeware shopping in yakuin, ganso hakata mentaiju
57:02 day 8 KURASUKOTO くらすこと, KFC christmas, iwataya, omakase at sushi koutoku すし幸德
1:03:20 day 9 shirogane pancake
1:04:12 fukuoka shopping haul

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