24 HOURS DEEP CLEANING FOR FREE | Saving this house!! 🥺❤️

2022/05/15 に公開
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Hi I’m Aurikatariina and I deep clean my followers homes for free! 💕
Today’s house owner was the sweetest guy ever named Mark. He had had some difficulties his whole life but impressively has been able to turn his life around! He was in desperate need of this cleaning help so I was so happy to help him! I cleaned his house in 2 days for free and he came to tears when see finally saw the results! This is the video where I share how this home ended up in this condition and how Marks life turned around. The house transformation in unbelievable satisfying to watch and Mark was so refiled when he came home!
Bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, living room cleaning, Organizing, deep cleaning, Washing, before and after pictures, satisfying results!

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00:00 intro
02:24 coming up in this video
02:38 living room trashes
03:06 trashes inside the sofa
03:21 snuss surprise
04:16 Washing the windowsill
04:53 washing the Coffee table
05:08 slimy bathroom floor
05:59 washing off mold in the shower
06:59 saving a dirty squeegee
07:24 washing the washing machine
09:12 washing the bathroom sink
10:03 Removing limescale
10:28 washing the shower
12:09 Organizing some cabinets
13:24 kitchen trashes
13:34 washing the kitchen sink
14:55 washing a dirty stove
16:25 washing the oven knobs
17:01 washing the stove hood
17:26 black marks inside the cabinets
17:55 cleaning some counters
18:37 more Organizing
19:43 washing the microwave
20:56 cleaning the kitchen floor
21:49 washing cabinet doors
22:14 cleaning the kitchen table
22:58 cleaning the bedroom
23:48 black marks on doors
24:10 some dusting
24:52 final house tour