GUMMY or REAL?! ADLEY vs ALLi Food Challenge! a delicious Movie of Adley's crazy gummies and games

2023/02/04 に公開
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adley lost a challenge and has to eat .. REAL sushi 🤢


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today, Me and my best friend Alli had a GREAT IDEA for an A for Adley video! We decided to do a GUMMY vs REAL challenge! I was SO excited and nervous to see what gummy foods we had waiting for us, but first we had to do some challenges! We got out our spin the wheel thing to decide which challenges we would do first! For our first challenge we had to set up some little dice blocks at the starting line, and we had to push them passed the finish line.. but we can ONLY use our nose! I ended up winning that challenge which means I get to decided which plate I want. When we lifted off the covers it was HOT DOGS and I had gotten the GUMMY one! I was super happy because I love gummy things! Some of the other challenges that we had to do were: A paper airplane making contest, we had do get out all of our arts and craft supplies to design a paper airplane to throw, and whoever's went the farthest was the winner. We also did a challenge to see who could stick the most sticky notes on their face! Another one was a ROBLOX OBBY (Obstacle Course) I am REALLY good at Roblox so I won that challenge of course! Our last challenge was building a tower out of magnet blocks! We also had some crazy gummy vs real foods that we had to eat like: Pizza, Waffles, Bacon, Eggs, Hamburgers, Pickles, and even Sushi... BLEGHH!! Also, we have done more gummy vs real challenges when I was just a little baby adley so we wanted to watch those too!! Hope you love them :)

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