[KPOP IN PUBLIC | ONE TAKE] TROUBLE MAKER (트러블 메이커) "Trouble Maker" | Bappuri Dance Cover in Belgium

2023/02/12 に公開
視聴回数 11,778
Hello sexxi-thicc bao-buns!

The start of the year, and the (grand)parents of the group want to show you how we do it in Bappuri Crew! There's a lot more sexiness to uncover and a whole lot of fun to gain this upcoming year, so hopefully you'll be there with us along the way and will watch us grow (old and dusty - which we already kinda are...).

We could've posted this on Valentine's Day, but we purposefully spared you from the loneliness you would feel. Hopefully we'll give you enough heat and passion with this cover so you won't need any more on the 14th lol!

Also, we could never forget sending our ultra-big thanks to Siham (a.k.a. Cheese) from Code Move who helped us on a whim when we couldn't find someone to film for us. Without any prior practice and while (sometimes) struggling during the actual takes (which was totally fine might I add), you definitely came through with some great filming skills and gave us an extremely good cut to work with! It's been so much fun to work with you and meanwhile we're patiently (yet not so patiently) waiting for a cover from you @code_move!

As you could hear in this video too, there were supporters at the spot who felt the passion personally, and as you should know by now - we love you so so much and can't wait to see y'all again!

CREDITS (instagram)
Jazz as Hyunseung: @jaisope
Bavo as Hyuna: @bavosablon

filmed by Siham: @_sikaas_
edited by Jazz: @jaisope
thumbnail by Bavo: @bavosablon
subs by Jazz: @jaisope

instagram: @bappuri.treat
tiktok: @bappuri
discord: https://discord.gg/gFZZYJem7N
e-mail: bappuri.crew@gmail.com