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2021/08/11 に公開
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NEW MORNING PLAYLIST (08.2022) / https://youtu.be/6yHhTD27D8Y

A playlist of acoustic music that you can listen to every morning, which might help you feel better while working, studying, or simply while relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

MORNING PLAYLIST 2022 / https://youtu.be/k2XHYS5anzg
AFTERNOON PLAYLIST (1 HOUR) / https://youtu.be/Ie6xVdHuZHw
NIGHT PLAYLIST (1 HOUR) / https://youtu.be/OAx0W0ZI2Uk

List nhạc acoustic (có lời) mà bạn có thể bật hàng ngày vào buổi sáng, giúp bạn cảm thấy nhẹ nhàng, bình yên hơn khi đang làm việc, học tập, hoặc đơn thuần là khi đang thư giãn và tận hưởng buổi sáng với một cốc cafe hay cốc trà.

Link Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1GGp2gHDPY1FUW0oDZUFyg?si=342d4bc9673e4d37

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00:00:00 For Some Time - Daniel Gunnarsson
00:02:45 Just One Kiss - Loving Caliber
00:06:56 Deep and Abiding - Victor Lundberg
00:09:56 Today Is a Good Day to Live - John T. Graham
00:14:22 Say That You Won't Go - Loving Caliber
00:17:58 Nothing Makes Sense Anymore - Daniel Gunnarsson
00:21:22 Same Old Road - Ten Towers
00:24:24 Come One Come All - Bird Of Figment
00:27:45 There's a New Day - Staffan Carlen
00:31:05 Caught Up In A Dream - Loving Caliber
00:34:01 Enough to Get By - Daniel Gunnarsson
00:37:01 You Set My World On Fire - Loving Caliber
00:40:17 Fall into You - Houses On The Hill
00:43:09 Get over You Again - Christine Smit
00:46:30 We Don't Need Much - Bird Of Figment
00:49:30 Can You Feel Me (Acoustic Version) - Love Beans
00:52:49 I Did It All For You - Victor Lundberg
00:55:48 Let It All out on Me - Houses On The Hill
00:58:39 Delicate People - Go For Howell
01:01:49 I'm Dreaming Of You - Candelion
01:05:10 For Someone like Me - Victor Lundberg
01:09:31 Homesick - Loving Caliber
01:13:20 Something Different - CLNGR
01:16:47 When I Really Come Alive - Wildflowers
01:20:15 Pretender - Velvet Moon
01:23:49 You Can't Control Who You Fall For - Victor Lundberg
01:28:14 Barefoot - Slowfly
01:31:31 I'll Get Over You - Loving Caliber
01:34:45 Minutes into Days - Las Lunas
01:38:02 Won't Back Down - Victor Lundberg
01:41:23 I Bet You're Cold - Gamma Skies
01:44:30 The Wild - Bird Of Figment
01:47:48 When You're Around - Houses On The Hill
01:50:57 Settled - Bird Of Figment
01:54:20 All Day In Bed - Bang Bang
01:57:22 The Things You Do - Wildson
(Credit to Epidemic Sound)

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