211202 BTS - Permission To Dance + My Universe with Chris Martin (Fancam) - PTD at LA SoFi Day 4

2021/12/03 に公開
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edit: if you don't like the sound of a fan singing in the background during 'my universe' because it sounds out of tune, there is no need to tell me in a comment. (do not comment about this.) it was not me singing. i cannot control who is around me at a concert with fixed seating, and i cannot help that my phone microphone picks up the sounds nearby and amplifies them (ie something that was barely audible or inaudible in the actual concert setting sounds louder in the video). i do not have the time or energy to learn how to edit audio like that out for a fancam. if you don't like it, you can just close this tab and watch another video instead of wasting time writing unsolicited criticism 🙂

to the 99.5% of people who left comments that were nice, thank you 💜 i mostly record these videos for myself so i can revisit the wonderful memories later but it's really heartwarming to see so many people around the world enjoying it as well! 봐주셔서 감사합니다! 다들 보라한 하루 되세요~