Perfect Potato Stick & Garlic Cheese Sauce

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How To Make Potato Stick & Garlic Cheese Sauce Recipe [ASMR]
ポテトスティック&ガーリックチーズソース [Eating sound]
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●● Recipe (レシピ):
- 500g Potato
- Medium heat 15~20 minutes
(中火 15~20分)
- 100g Corn starch
- 15g Sugar
- 1/8Tsp Salt
- Freeze 10 minutes
(冷凍 10分)
- High heat 5~7 minutes
- 25g Unsalted butter
- 15g Garlic
- 3g Corn starch
- 100ml Milk
- 10g Sugar
- 1/8Tsp Salt
Potato Snack, Potato Chips, Potato cheese, french fries
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