Puzhen Life Brand Commercial - 返璞歸真

2020/01/01 に公開
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Awaken your five-senses, discover simple purity

"This advertisement from Puzhen, is seeking for energy from the soul. It is original, realistic and natural, integrating purity, clarity with the universe. Meditate in everyday life, live every day in mediation! Dance is used to express a language, a transcendence, to present Zen and meditation practice in the Oriental culture to the world. The dancer is dancing in water and fire, every move is like sculpting a painting, that leaves a permanent, beautiful trace."

- Leander LEE, Creative Director
Puzhen Life
January 1, 2020

Puzhen Design Manifesto - The Puzhen Brand stands for a contemporary and modern Lifestyle complemented by traditional Chinese crafts, philosophy and aesthetics. By utilizing and joining ancient Chinese Craftsmanship and modern production techniques and technology, Puzhen uses design as the language to communicate simple functionalities and quality product aesthetics, leading you to a return-to-nature lifestyle that balance your body, mind and soul. - www.puzhen.com