Broken Trace Repair Hacks Every Beginner Should Know - Sega Master System - Retro Restoration

2021/11/04 に公開
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Following the format of my previous "behind the scenes" video, this week I bring you guys along for a Sega Master System repair. Another jewel purchased "not working" from eBay, and put my soldering skills to the test.

In keeping true with the "behind the scenes" format, his video is unscripted and minimally edited. I hope to continue to set better expectations for folks thinking of taking on repairs like these, and share some tips and practices that I have found to be useful.

In this particular video, I repair a bunch of broken traces using nothing but individual strands from stranded wire. I also use regular nail polish as a poor-man's version of solder resist. Both these "hacks" do a fantastic job in replacing conventional materials for such a job such as kynar wire and solder mask.

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🔧 Toolkit
Screwdriver Set:
Automatic Wire Stripper:

🖌 Soldering Essentials
TS100 Soldering Iron:
No Clean Flux Syringe:
No Clean Solder:
Desoldering Braid:

🔍 Soldering Add-ons
Fume extractor with hose:
Tip Tinner:
Helping Hands Soldering Aid:

🔥 Thermal Compounds
Arctic MX-4 Thermal Paste:
1.5MM Arctic Thermal Pads: