Vaundy LIVE "踊り子" "花占い" | one man live tour “HINODE”@ Zepp Tokyo (JAPAN/TOKYO)

2021/12/23 に公開
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Made in Vaundy_ART Work Studio

Vaundy one man live tour “HINODE”
2021/10/19(tue) @ Zepp Tokyo (JAPAN/TOKYO)
OPEN 17:30 / START 18:30

【2022年全国ツアー 即日完売につき、大阪、名古屋 追加公演決定!】
受付期間:2021/12/21(火) 12:00~2022/01/10(月・祝) 23:59 

one man live tour “NIDONE”
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2022/4/7(木) Zepp Nagoya(愛知県)
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2022/5/20(金)KT Zepp Yokohama(神奈川県)

Vaundy(バウンディ)。現役大学生 21歳。



日本テレビ「バズリズム 0 2」“今年コレがバズるぞ!BEST10 ” 1 位を取得、現在YouTube、サブスクリプション トータル再生数が12億回を突破するなど、サブスク令和時代の象徴的な存在として注目を集める。これまでに開催したライブは全て即完。アーティストからの注目度も高く、コラボレーションにも積極的に取り組む。

その波は海を越え、LAUVからオファーを受けグローバルリミックスアルバムへ参加、グローバルチームにて制作された「不可幸力 (Global Dance Video)」が世界的なカルチャーサイトNownessピックアップされるなど、国内外での活動も積極的に行う。




Vaundy. A 21-year-old university student.

He is a multi-talented artist who writes, composes and arranges music all by himself and his talents expand to direction and self-production of designs and movies.

Since his first music post of on YouTube in spring 2019, his songs “Tokyo Flash” and “Fukakouryoku” have instantly become social media sensation.

With over 1.2 billion views on YouTube and subscriptions, they have become a symbolic figure in the era of Reiwa subscriptions. All of his live performances so far have been instant sell-outs. He has also been critically acclaimed by fellow artists and is actively involved in collaborations.

With an invitation from the international pop star LAUV, Vaundy participated in a global remix album and released “Modern Loneliness (Vaundy Remix)”.
His work has also been featured on the global culture site Nowness for his “Fukakouryoku (Global Dance Video)” produced by his global production team and his performances and creative activities crosses the borders.

His songs having been a long time presence in the charts, they have been chosen as tie-up songs in commercials and dramas.

With an unmistakably unique and addictive voice that catches the audience’s ear and a broad sense of music that is not confined to any genre that gives a sense of unparalleled talent, Vaundy is rapidly expanding his fandom especially among teenagers.

◇1st album「strobo」