Natural Catch Tuna - High Quality Canned Tuna Filets

2021/05/11 に公開
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Does your Canned Tuna look like this? It should!
20G Protein 0G Carb 130 Calories

Hand Cut Yellowfin Tuna Filets marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil in an easy pop can. Unbeatable in taste, texture and presentation. A very high quality healthy source of protein. Keto & Paleo Friendly.

Every can of Natural Catch is sourced by Pole & Line Fishing which is a method used to catch tuna one at a time. NO NETS ARE USED OR ALLOWED. Pole & Line caught Tuna is much more expensive than any other method since it is all caught one at a time but is the best and safest method to protecting our oceans and wildlife such as Dolphins.

We do not care if it's more expensive to use these methods and we do not increase the price on our customers, instead we eat the cost to compete with the titan sized corporations who continue to cut corners on quality and use nets that hurt our oceans and wildlife because it's cost effective.
The goal of Natural Catch is to force the fishing industry and supermarket brands to stop using nets and switch to Pole & Line fishing by raising awareness of it's importance and at the same time producing an unbelievably high quality can of tuna to the market.

We are extremely proud of our product and are confident that our quality of Tuna is above all others. Open a can and see for yourself!
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