Producer REACTS to MAMAMOO's Killing Voice (dingo music)

2020/12/09 に公開
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[4K][special] 마마무(MAMAMOO)의 킬링보이스를 라이브로! /Mr.애매모호,너나 해,데칼코마니,별빛밤,I miss you,HIP,고고베베,딩가딩가,AYA | 딩고뮤직:

Welcome to PRODUCER VS. CONSUMER: How is music actually perceived by normal music consumers versus professional music producers? I, as a producer, invite enthusiastic music listeners to my studio and together we analyze different songs. In direct exchange we reveal and answer questions regarding the music production process, production tricks and so on. Also, if you have any questions, wishes or suggestions make sure to leave them in the comments section below!

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