Repairing a Dead Vectrex - Retro Gaming Console Repair

2019/04/23 に公開
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Repairing a Totally Dead Ebay Junk Vectrex.

The Vectrex can retain potentially lethal charge in the CRT, and other components, even when switched off. This video is for entertainment only. This video shows an edited version of the steps I took, but I am not an expert, and these steps do not ensure your safety. Do not consider any part of this video as instruction or encouragement to undertake any activity. Your safety is your own responsibility. You must ensure you are suitably qualified and take all necessary precautions before undertaking any repair. Any such activity is entirely at your own risk.

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This video is STRICTLY for entertainment only. I am not an expert in these repairs. The processes in the video may not be the best way, the correct way or even safe. Please do not rely on the techniques shown in this video. You are entirely responsible for your own safety. Any action you take is entirely at your own risk.