Meet The Cast Of Characters In Strait Undercover

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Welcome to Strait Undercover! 🎥

Thanks for taking the time to check out Strait Undercover. We’re creating a film unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Inclusion is very important to us and we would greatly appreciate your support to make this dream a reality.

Meet the characters in Strait Undercover!

Creating a captivating film involves several key steps, starting with the development of interesting characters. These characters serve as the heart of the story, drawing audiences into the narrative and guiding them through the plot. Once the characters are developed, we cast talented actors to bring them to life. In this video we introduce you to the cast of characters of Strait Undercover, and the real-life actors behind them. We truly have an amazing team of individuals that really make this story come to life.

Strait Undercover is a feature film starring Race Eberhardt. We’re telling the story of an underdog USDA agent who dreams of doing something big with his career. He’s the only one in his department with the guts to go undercover. His “special ability” centers around his capacity to communicate with Earth’s plants, a skill he takes for granted until it ultimately saves the day.

Family Action Comedy | Rated PG

Feature Film shot in 4K


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