The Blessing Of A Closed Door | Pastor Stephen Chandler | Elevation Church

2021/11/28 に公開
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November 28, 2021
Pastor Stephen Chandler
Elevation Church

Some closed doors are obstacles — some are opportunities.

In “The Blessing Of A Closed Door,” Stephen Chandler of Union Church challenges us to trust God‘s timing instead of focusing on our current frustrations.

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Section Titles:
0:00 - Better Is Ahead
2:14 - Blessed And Highly Favored
6:43 - Peace To You! (John 20, verses 19-22)
9:14 - Walking Into A Season Of Opened Doors
13:16 - The Blessing Of A Closed Door
19:12 - Not All Closed Doors Are The Same
23:10 - Don't Let Fear Lock You Out (3 John 1, verse 2)
26:56 - Have You Stopped Letting Anyone Close To You? (Revelation 3, verse 20)
31:40 - Some Closed Doors Are A Setup (Acts 1, verse 4)
34:43 - Wait On God's Timing
39:54 - Shut The Door And Have Faith (Matthew 6, verse 6)
43:40 - Don't Get Used To Closed Doors
49:22 - The Open Door Is Coming

The Blessing Of A Closed Door | Pastor Stephen Chandler | Elevation Church