Obi-Wan Kenobi: Episodes 1-4 - re:View

2022/06/17 に公開
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Mike decides to see what Obi-Wan is all about. Expecting to see a show about a night club set in the world of Indiana Jones, he's sorely disappointed to find out the show is about "Star Wars". However, after watching a few episodes... he's intrigued. It's not as bad as Star Trek: Picard. The show seems somewhat competent? it's thought out with some basis of logic on what an audience might want? Mike cannot believe his eyes. A show that didn't get totally screwed up? What gives? How did this happen? Sure, it ain't the greatest thing ever, but they tried their best and it's not too bad. Mike then recruits his stupid friends Rich and Jay to watch the show as well.

Additionally, for those who have watched until the end and might be confused... Mike's analogy about "A Christmas Story" means that you religiously watch a show to the end and strung along only for it to end in disappointment. It does not mean it ends in an advertisement necessarily.... Just a huge disappointment. Hence forth this shall be known in internet slang as being "Ovaltine'd". Thank you and good night.