👨‍🍳 Green Chef Review 2020: Is This Clean & Organic Meal Kit Worth It? (Taste Test)

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Check out our Green Chef review for a look at how convenient it can be to nourish your body with wholesome, delicious organic meals. With a great selection of meal plans, creative recipes, and a USDA organic certification, Green Chef is a great well-rounded meal kit perfect for anyone trying to eat well while making cooking more convenient. If you're following a keto, paleo, vegetarian, or vegan diet, they've got you covered with a specific meal plan, and if you want a little of everything, they've got you covered there too.

Green Chef meal plans are great for those eating clean diets. Not only are the ingredients organic, but they offer a keto + paleo plan that includes all gluten and grain-free meals so you have a variety to choose from without worrying about checking every ingredient label. If you’re looking for a vegan menu, they also happen to have a full plan devoted to those recipes as well. And of course, their balanced living plan in the middle offers a great balance of different protein options and different types of recipes to keep you eating well and feeling good about it.

Besides great food, a variety of options, and organic ingredients, Green Chef also sets themselves apart with their sustainability initiatives. They are the only meal kit service to achieve 100% carbon and plastic offset! They offset all of their direct carbon emissions and plastic packaging in every single box. They were also the first meal kit company to offer Climacell packaging, which is recyclable and very environmentally-friendly. If sustainability is important to you, you’ll definitely want to give Green Chef a try.

📦 What's in Our Green Chef Box:
- Chimichurri Beef Stuffed Peppers
- Pork with Creole Dijonnaise
- Maple-Glazed Chicken

🍽️ What We Tasted in Our Review:
- Chimichurri Beef Stuffed Peppers

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