Hostel Episode 06 [Eng Sub] - #HinaAltaf #UsamaKhan #AimanZaman - 24 May 2023 - AAN TV

2023/05/27 に公開
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The story is about a girls' hostel where girls from different cities come to get an education. The hostel has strict rules and regulations, the credit for which goes to the warden of the hostel, Shaista Naz. Maha is also among the girls who came here with the dream of success in her eyes. She faces Sehar and her group, who are notorious for their mischiefs. These same things will have an impact on their future life.

Writer: Sajjad Haider Zaidi
Director: Muhammad Iftikhar Iffi
Producer: Everready Pictures

Hina Altaf as Maha
Osama Khan as Zohaib
Shabbir Jan as Jamal
Sabahat Bukhari as Huma
Saba Shah as Aira
Shehryar Zaidi as Shafqat
Rubina Ashraf as Suraiya
Hina Dilpazir as Shaista
Savana Rajput as Shazia
Sajid Shah as Tabraiz
Aiman Zaman as Sehar
Malaika Riaz as Fiza
Sarah Neelum as Aiman
Hasan Ahmed as Shahmeer
Sana Shah as Farwa
Rahat Ghani as Sumbul

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