New UV Blacklighter Overlays for the Vectrex

2020/03/28 に公開
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A look at the Blacklighter ultraviolet screen overlays for the Vectrex games console.
UV overlays:
You can see other overlays being demonstrated on the Blacklighter YouTube channel:

UV frame:

UK AFFILIATED AMAZON Links for other things you might need
12v power supply

Dimmer switch

Right-angled cable

Financial Disclosure.
I have not been paid to make this video and I paid for my overlay kit.

Technical Issues
There are technical issues with the video frame rate - There's a long boring story about flicker, 50Hz and 60fps, shutter modes and editing packages etc etc, but no point crying over spilt vectors. You get the idea of what the overlays look like - so the video worked despite the issues.



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