【LIVE】Comme d’Habitude / My Way - French & English vers. マイウェイ- Sarah Àlainn サラ・オレイン

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Did you know that ‘My Way’ is a cover of the French ‘Comme d’habitude’? The lyrics are completely different yet both speak to me about the importance of being true to oneself (tricky in this world!)

0:00 MC English vs French lyrics
2:32 Comme d'habitude 🇫🇷
5:03 My Way 🇦🇺

Also, happy International Francophonie Day! 🇫🇷 (20 March)
Would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the language and connect with people near and far.

Thank you for watching and for your kind support. Hope you can go ‘your way’. - Love, Sarah

「My Way」の原曲はフランス語だとご存知ですか?
一度しかない人生。偽りなく、自分らしく、your way, my way、進んでみませんか?