Building a new Toploader NES in 2023! Opentendo Toploader build guide and demonstration

2023/02/03 に公開
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Thanks to PCBway for sponsoring this video! We recently received a Toploader NES that was destroyed by a failed mod attempt. Instead of giving up and throwing it in the trash, we used Redherring32's new Opentendo Toploader project to resurrect this console with a brand new open source NES motherboard! This project opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities, including the ability to convert a Frontloader NES into a Toploader!

Check out for more video game console repairs and mods!


Bill of Materials:

Parts that can be sourced from an NES (Frontloader or Toploader):
DAN601 x 2 diode arrays
UPA64H x 2 diode arrays
2SA937 transistor
2SC2021 transistor

Parts that can be sourced from a Toploader:
Controller ports, cartridge port, reset button, power switch, and T1 coil
***Working on sourcing modern replacements for these parts***

Bucky O'Hare (NES)
Target Renegade (NES)
Gimmick (Famicom)
Batman (NES)
Gradius II (Famicom)


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