【Anime BGM】Warning! This Will Make You Cry

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【Anime BGM】Warning! This Will Make You Cry

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You Lie In April:

0:00:00 Otouto Mitai na Sonzai
0:01:38 Again
0:04:38 Watashi no Uso
0:08:48 Watashi tachi wa Sou Yatte Ikite Iku Jinshu na no
0:11:09 Kimi ga Iru

Sword Art Online:

0:13:35 A Tender Feeling
0:17:47 Good Bye Again and Again
0:19:50 Dance With Me
0:23:58 Yui
0:25:54 Is This Love
0:28:16 A Tiny Love
0:30:02 Friendly Feelings

0:34:55 Listen Again~


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