Fall asleep fast ★ Healing for Anxiety Disorders, Depression ★ Forget Negative Thoughts

2022/12/08 に公開
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The frequency of 528Hz helps to restore and transform our DNA, heal our DNA and increase our life energy level, help us to clear our mind, increase our awareness, create and open us to experience. deeper spiritual experience. When using this frequency with clear intention such as relaxation, meditation, concentration work, study, etc., this frequency can bring about miracles.

Solfeggio 528Hz frequency, also known as love frequency, magic tune, DNA repair frequency, transform frequency is known for its powerful transformative effect on human body as it helps to give back Human DNA is in its original, perfect state, and that is the benefit of an energy boost.

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Title: SLEEP102_Self Love Healing Meditation
Composer: Jack D.T.

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📜 Message from the composer and creator of Idyllic Melody:
"I'm Jack DT and I make beautiful relaxing music, meditation music, healing music based on popular instruments such as piano, guitar, flute and other natural sounds for meditation, relaxation, sleep and healing. I hope my work will help you in some way. positive way. Blessings and Peace all the way.

Thank you for your understanding and support."

- Jack DT, composer of Idyllic Melody

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