BRUTAL B9 Audi RS5 - RAW POV Drive - ABT Stage 2

2021/06/08 に公開
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Decided to treat you guys to an awesome POV drive through some windy forest roads! Let us know down below if you enjoyed this kind of content. I also went through my various mods and let you know of some future plans with the car! Remember to drop a like and comment, and subscribe if you haven't already... Lots coming soon that you guys will be sure to enjoy! Thanks for watching!

2019 Audi RS5 Sportback Mods:
ABT Stage 2 Tune
ABT Upgraded Intercooler
AWE AirGate Intake
AWE Non-Resonated Touring Exhaust (Cat-Back)
CTS Turbo High Flow Race Downpipes (200 CPSI)
Brixton Forged RF-7 One Piece Rims (20")
H&R 1 Inch Lowering Springs

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