"Fate Series" Music Collection - Best of 'Fate" Soundtracks

2018/05/13 に公開
視聴回数 3,117,116
1.00:00 Music for Promotion Video - UBW
2.02:11 Unmei no Yoru - UBW Movie
3.05:27 Mouka Houkou - Fate Stay Night
4.08:38 painful#2 - Fate Zero
5.10:05 EMYA - Kenji Kawai vers.2 - UBW Movie
6.12:40 Point Zero - Fate Zero
7.16:15 The world is tumbling down- Fate Zero
8.18:58 Eiyuu Ou - Fate Stay Night
9.20:31 Fate^Apocrypha - Fate Apocrypha
10.25:03 Unmei no Yoru - Fate Stay Night
11.28:24 Let the stars fall down- Fate Zero
12.30:22 EMYA - Fate Grand Order Epic of Remnant
13.32:52 Excalibur - UBW
14.33:42 Overcome the Myth - UBW
15.35:49 Fist of desperate~Awakening - UBW
16.40:14 The battle is to the strong- Fate Zero
17.43:14 Dogfight -Fate Zero
18.46:21 This day,and never again - Fate Zero
19.49:48 Deep Slumber - UBW
20.52:58 EMYA - UBW
21.56:41 Clash~Transcendence - UBW
22.1:01:45 You are my king - Fate Zero
23.1:04:17 Unlimited Blade works - UBW
24.1:09:45 Day of Camlann - Fate Stay Night:Garden of Avalon

25.1:13:56 Silver moon - Fate Zero
26.1:16:03 Fuyu no Yousei - Fate Stay Night
27.1:18:43 Kishi Ou no Hokori - Fate Stay Night
28.1:21:04 The Fateful Night -piano ver.- Fate Stay Nigh Out tracks
29.1:22:41 Tragedy and Fate - Fate Zero
30.1:24:25 The dream fades before dawn - Fate Zero
31.1:25:48 Kodoku na Junrei - Fate Stay Night
32.1:27:47 La sola - Fate Stay Night
33.1:31:36 Painful - Fate Zero
34.1:33:23 Ocean of Memories - UBW
35.1:35:46 This illusion - UBW
36.1:38:24 Unacceptable - UBW
37.1:40:15 Affection - Fate Apocrypha

•Fate /Stay Night ➜Kenji Kawai
•Fate /Zero ➜Yuki Kajiura
•Fate/ Stay Night UBW➜ Fukasawa Hideyuki
•Fate/ Apocrypha➜ Masaru Yokoyama
•Fate /Stay Night:Garden of Avalon ➜Fukasawa Hideyuki

1.https://goo.gl/KPuM34 by Ana_bi
2.https://goo.gl/ZXY756 by Hiroe Rei
3.https://goo.gl/e289Wz by seeker
5.https://goo.gl/pB3UiD by sanoboss
6.https://goo.gl/rwRcwM by Wlop
7.https://goo.gl/cQZgF7 by LightToHeavenN
9.https://goo.gl/zhEjvH by 摳肉肚臍@お仕事募集中
10.https://goo.gl/1rUjq8 by バラバババ
11.https://goo.gl/imdQgA by YD
12.https://goo.gl/LpLaA2 by レルビィ
13.https://goo.gl/ZH79rk by kaminari-san
14.https://goo.gl/fFm29Y by こるた コミ1/し-20a
15.https://goo.gl/WcegWR by swordsouls
16.https://goo.gl/StMc4W by Kumanokopoosan
18.https://goo.gl/1yWQZh by Kumanokopoosan
20.https://goo.gl/9UcsQh by Magicians
21.https://goo.gl/nDWnJa by Soga Makoto
23.https://goo.gl/2md33j by Hullabaloo
25.https://goo.gl/2Fosz3 by feesh
26.https://goo.gl/D2ei3r by pol
28.https://goo.gl/yYo5rs by F
29.https://goo.gl/b1414o by 十二月
30.https://goo.gl/b1414o by 十二月
31.https://goo.gl/VxPTj3 by SUEUN
33.https://goo.gl/nPpBqr by たま
34.https://goo.gl/Bo6UWj by Achryue
35.https://goo.gl/qm16DL by 唐崎
37.https://goo.gl/pRbicG by ネんごろぅ