Relaxing soul vibe mix ~ Love is gentle envy / Best chill playlist Soul R&B all of time 2023

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Relaxing soul vibe mix ~ Love is gentle envy / Best chill playlist Soul R&B all of time 2023

🎈 This playlist is designed to take you on a deep musical journey where love is expressed through emotional melodies and sounds. The songs in this playlist not only relax you but also arouse a feeling of sweetness and desire in your heart.

Love is gentle envy - love is a gentle envy. In this music, you will feel the heart-pounding and enchanting of love, but also accompanied by pain and longing. Love can create a mild kind of jealousy, where we long for the love and emotions that others are experiencing.

The songs on this playlist offer bright melodies and soft lyrics, heart-melting and arousing hopes and dreams of love. You will be drawn into wonderful love stories and feel the sincere and deep affection through the music.

Take some time to yourself, sit back and enjoy this playlist. Chill soul vibe mix ~ Love is gentle envy will take you on a colorful musical adventure where the feelings of love are expressed in a subtle and wonderful way.

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Track list :

00:00 Close To Heaven - King Sis
03:46 Hiatus - King Sis
07:14 All Our Flaws - Sionya
11:03 A Real Bad Dream - Lionel Quick
13:18 And Then I Wake Up - spring gang
16:46 All the Freedom You Need - Terin Ector
19:49 Baby It's You - Revel Day
23:55 Delusional - spring gang
27:29 Don't Be Dumb - Snake City
31:31 Don't Wait Up - King Sis
35:03 Give in to Me - Gloria Tells
38:20 Fly Back to Me - Gloria Tells
42:09 Give Me Your Love - spring gang
45:34 Free This Feeling - spring gang
48:56 Go for Gold - spring gang
52:09 I Don't Wanna Wait (Instrumental Version) - spring gang
55:17 I Hear the Calling - Wildson
59:34 Stay in the Moment - Tyra Chantey
01:02:05 Is This Over - spring gang
01:05:05 Its Yours - King Sis
01:08:58 Know About Us - Sionya
01:12:31 Let Me Have This Dance - Sture Zetterberg
01:15:41 Lose - R.A.D.
01:19:58 Love 2 Deep - Velveteen
01:23:22 Made Up My Mind - Vividry
01:26:43 Mama's Here - King Sis
01:30:34 Midnight Lover - SOOP
01:34:44 More Than Just a Fling - spring gang
01:37:56 No Crime - The Devil's Sway
01:41:26 One of Those Things - Sture Zetterberg
01:44:46 Paradise (I'm Taking You) - Shy5
01:48:15 Pass Me - Vividry
01:51:30 Show Me Your Soul - Jesse Lawrence
01:55:06 Sigh - Chase Hughes

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