CATCHiNG POKÉMON ⚡ ADLEY and NiKO Battle for Dad's Spacestation Gym Badge at Clair's Birthday Party

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but first.. PiZZA🍕🍕🍕


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today is my friends Clair's birthday and to celebrate we are going to the infamous "SPACESTATiON POKEMON TRAiNiNG GYM" to train to become Pokémon master! We have all our friends here to train with us.. but first we gotta eat some pizza! Then it's on to our first challenge, which is... Pokeball throwing! We have to learn how to toss a pokeball to capture new pokemon in the wild! Our battle studies trainer set up a few different Pokémon to try to capture! I caught a Pikachu and Niko caught a Squirtle! Next we practiced with mini pokeballs, we had to bounce them into a bowl on the floor! This really helped us with accuracy so we can capture even tiny little baby Pokémon! Then it was time for our Pokémon quiz! We all know lots about Pokémon so it was pretty easy for us, but then the gym master Shonduras walked in and wanted us to challenge him with a quiz! He was pretty smart too but not as smart as us, so we passed that challenge! After that we had to go out into the wild and find our very first Pokémon for our pokedex! We had 9 different Pokémon to catch and we HAVE to catch em' all! After we found all of the Pokémon we were on to out last challenge! This one was a teamwork challenge, we had to work together to put a puzzle together as fast as possible! But then the gym leader Shonduras busted in again! He said that he didn't need to use teamwork, he thought that he could put togher a puzzle all by himself, so we challenged him to see who could do the puzzle faster! Of course the kids won because we use teamwork on our puzzle! We passed ALL the challenges which means we get out Spacestation Badges.. and we even got out very own Pokémon trainer hats too!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
CATCHiNG POKÉMON ⚡ ADLEY and NiKO Battle for Dad's Spacestation Gym Badge at Clair's Birthday Party - YouTube
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