【3 Hours】Anime OST for Piano and Violin『Relaxing, Study BGM』

2018/05/18 に公開
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0:00 Again (Your Lie In April)
3:32 Watashi no Uso (Your Lie In April)
12:33 Spring's Melody (Your Lie In April)
17:13 Lit (Koe no Katachi)
21:15 Sincerely (Violet Evergarden)
24:51 Michishirube (Violet Evergarden)
29:00 Requiem of Silence (Re:Zero)
32:48 Stay Alive (Re:Zero)
36:51 Departures (Guilty Crown)
40:20 Yiruma Suite
44:07 Iika's Waltz (Original Composition)
47:28 Autumn Rain (Original Composition)
53:15 Save The Last Dance For Me (Original Composition)
57:15 Kataware Doki (Kimi no Na wa)
1:01:08 Mitsuha's Theme (Kimi no Na wa)
1:05:27 The Stars Unite Us (Kimi no Na wa/Original Composition)
1:10:58 Shelter (Shelter The Animation)
1:15:19 One More Time, One More Chance (5cm Per Second)
1:19:00 Asphyxia (Tokyo Ghoul:Re)
1:22:14 Secret Base (Anohana)
1:25:35 Last Train Home ~Still Far~ (Anohana)

1:29:02 Second Run

Our 3 hour mix for many of our piano and violin uploads for Anime OST as well as a few original compositions with some appearances from the orchestra! If you enjoyed these uploads, please follow us on Spotify and consider buying our tracks in HD from Bandcamp or becoming a Patreon supporter:



Composition/Orchestration/Arrangement - Yuang Chen
Original Anime Themes - Check out the Individual uploads on Channel
Piano - Yuang Chen
Violin - Harold Gillings, Yiyang Shi, Bridgette Herring, Petre Balinski
Orchestra - The Seycara Orchestra
Thumbnail - Yuumei
BGs - https://wall.alphacoders.com/by_category.php?id=3&name=Anime+Wallpapers


Andy Tran ($50)
Zakary Renaud ($20)
Amelien Bergerot ($10)
iPigMoon ($10)
Invisibleman ($10)
Chris Morales ($10)
Andrew McKenney ($5)
Daniel ($5)
ProSombra ($5)
Zaxman ($5)
Alastair Goldberg ($5)
Bomb & Kou ($5)
Athan Ni ($5)
Jessie ($5)
Andrew Morgan ($5)
Nathan George ($5)
Nani Takagi ($5)
Tommy Le ($5)
Scott Knight ($5)
Stephen ($5)
Yuuki Crystal ($5)
Kris ($5)
Jessica ($5)
HyeonWoo Park ($5)
Qplayer ($5)
Tim Johnson ($2)
Jordan ($1)
DarkKnightOfOmega ($1)
Dan Maguire ($1)
Andri Jaya ($1)

Program used: Finale, Studio One

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