(G)I-DLE - Queencard / THE FIRST TAKE

2023/09/15 に公開
視聴回数 10,438,512
THE FIRST TAKE is a YouTube Channel dedicated to filming musicians and singers performing in a single take.

Episode 359 welcomes (G)I-DLE, a talented five-member girl group that has won numerous awards since their debut in 2018.
1TAKE performance of "Queencard," the title track from their 6th mini-album "I feel" which was released in May 2023.
This world viral hit song topped major music charts in Korea soon after its release and has now accumulated over 220 million views on its music video. Enjoy this addictive song in a special one-shot performance that showcases the girls' incredible vocals.

Track Arrangement: Chasu

STREAMING & DOWNLOAD: https://ingrv.es/ifeel

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A microphone and a white studio.

And 1 rule.
You’ve got 1 TAKE.

Your Music.
Your Everything.
All in this one take.

Less Filter, More Music.


Director/Creative Director: Keisuke Shimizu
Art Director: Kana Takarada
Copywriter: Hiroshi Yamazaki
Director of Photography: Hiroki Watanabe
Lighting Director: Naoya Imaoka
Offline Editor/Colorist/Online Editor: Tomoo Noda
Producer: Keisuke Nishikawa (Pragma)
US Production Company: Aliens and Machines
US Producer: Hiro Murakami
US Production Manager: Roger Leonidas
US Production Coordinator: Jun "Umejun" Umemoto, Robert Ehara
1st AD: Michael Hirabayashi
Camera Operators: Hiro Fukuda, Wes Turner
1st AC’s: Matt Blea, Joe Solari, Sean O’shea
2nd AC’s: Andrea Cornel, Wade Ferrari
DIT: Tony Kwan
VTR: Jonathan Salgado
Gaffer: Taku Okuno
DIM Programer: Mike Budde
Electric: Anthony Jefferson, Tom Anderson, Jeremy Schonwald, Colin MacDonald, Malcom Farrier
Still Photographer: Yoshimasa Miyazaki
Still AC: Tatsuya Ueno
Production Assistants: Robin Copple, Paul Arroyo
Stylists: Youngman Kim, Sulki Jeong (SSUL STYLE)
Hair: Sohyun Kim (ALUU)
Hair Assistant: Yujin Jang (ALUU)
Make Up: Jiwon Lee (ALUU)
Make Up Assistant: Minkyeong Ji (ALUU)

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