JoJo vs DIO (1993 OVA with 2015 dub)

2016/01/09 に公開
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Since June 2015 the 1993 OVA was the only way to watch this epic fight. When the anime came out some people complained about the stiff and cheap animations and stated that the OVA was way better.
I personally love JoJo. I love the manga, I love the anime and I love the OVA, every media is good in its special way: the manga is awesome and artistic and the anime is an almost perfect adaptation to it. While the OVA is darker and made some changes to the plot and the art, it's still a great piece of animation, so I decided to take the most epic part of it (the final fight between Jotaro and DIO) and combine it with the best (in my opinion) thing in the 2015 anime version: the voice acting.
I just LOVE Thakeito Koyasu's voice, it fits perfectly with the over-the-top personality of DIO.
I had a lot of fun editing this video and I hope you will have a good time watching it.

Let me know in the comments if you prefer the old voices or the new ones.

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