【playlist】早起きした朝に聞く気持いい洋楽 (study, work, relax )

2021/02/06 に公開
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I have selected relaxing music for SUNDAY MORNING that I'm using for my vlog videos.
This is for all of you living a full life somewhere in the world.


00:00 lie in the sun by orkas
02:29 summer is for falling in love by sarah kang
05:36 deer in a headlight by john lingard
09:04 more-than-words by sarah-kang
11:50 hold on by john lingard
15:31 open up my heart by foster
18:28 HOME by rex banner
21:51 lips by the polarity
25:28 those were the days by daniel robinson
29:29 crazy for your love by orkas

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