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Lyrics by 별들의전쟁 * (GALACTIKA *), Jvde (GALACTIKA *)
Composed by Melanie Fontana, Lindgren, Marty Maro
Produced/Arranged by Lindgren
Original publisher GALACTIKA *, Sony/ATV Ballad (BMI), Almo Music Corp/51000 Feet Music/ Tinkermel Music Creations (ASCAP), Marty MARO Music (BMI) / Patriot Games Publishing (ASCAP) / Uncle B Songs (ASCAP) Administered by BMG Gold Songs
Sub-publisher Fuji Pacific Korea
Sessions The One With the Big Bulb
Strings by Nicole Neely
Background vocals by Melanie Fontana
Vocals directed by friday. (GALACTIKA *), Jvde (GALACTIKA *)
Digital editing by 이경원
Recorded by 구혜진, 임찬미 at JYPE Studios
Mixed by Curtis Douglas
Mastered by 권남우 at 821 Sound Mastering
Immersive Mix Engineer : 이하늘 Haneul Lee / 최정훈 Jung-Hoon Choi
Dolby Atmos Music Mixed & Mastered at Sound360, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA