[KPOP IN PUBLIC] JIMIN (지민) _ SET ME FREE PT. 2 (30 DANCERS)| Dance Cover by EST CREW from Barcelona

2023/04/14 に公開
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Hey BYS, EST is back!🌸✨
I got a good time
Yeah, time to get mine ⛓️💜
Many of you have been asking for this cover so here it is hehe🤪 There were many people involved in this cover and the choreography it’s a little bit different from what we usually do, but still we’re very proud of the result!☺️🫶🏻
It’s also been like 2 years since Jeongie’s first and last solo (yeah, it’s been a while), and she has grown so much WHATTT?! Just wanted to say how proud we are of her and thank her for being such a unique dancer.🤍🌟

Hope you enjoy our ‘SET ME FREE PT.2’ cover! 🖤

Stay tuned to our incoming covers, we’re working so hard! If you’re a star creator then you know our next cover!!😳✨

Thank you so so much Doni for recording us today🤍✨
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